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are some eyespots. how cold in the morning? captioned by the national captioning institute we begin tonight with concern at the campus of the university of maryland as the terps square off against duke.
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after last year's game, more than two dozen people were arrested. we were the first to show this video, a student being beaten by police officers. cynne simpson has what is going on right now. >> the big question is how the aftermath will play out. a lot of precautions have been made to keep everybody safe. there are several police cruisers behind me. a lot of students i talked to are hoping this will be a peaceful, quiet evening, but others are wearing to go. is the night these freshmen have been waiting for, duke-maryland, more than a battle, a war. >> win or lose, it is a party. >> students started hitting the sports bars and early this evening. all along route 1, police cruisers, officers on foot, and ambulances are on the ready, hoping to prevent another scene
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like last year's. >> all of a sudden, pepper spray in my eyes, everyone's eyes, and people just hit the floor. >> this year, there is an effort to contain the excitement to campus. on chapel lawn, a bonfire is set. prince george's county police are leaving the shields and batons behind this year. it >> there are more than ready and capable after what happened last year. >> the anger over last year still lingers, but he is not taking any chances. >> i learned my lessons last year. if we win, i am out of here because i know the cops will swarm the police. >> the comcast center, where fans are starting to leave the arena. on route 1, about two dozen arrests last year. the effort is to make sure that
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does not happen. the police are hopeful if everybody enjoys the bonfire on campus there will not be any traffic disruptions and everybody will be able to enjoy the peaceful evening. live from college park, cynne simpson, abc 7 news. abc 7 has multiple crews and college park. if they're ready breaking developments during the newscast, we will go out to them in college park. opponents of the health care overhaul suffered a key setback. tonight, as expected, a bill aimed at repealing the president's bill has failed in the senate. the vote was on party lines, 47 republicans for the repeal, 57 democrats and one independent against it. the ultimate fate is decided -- is expected to be decided by the u.s. supreme court. tonight, egypt health minister says three people have died and 600 others have been
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injured in cairo. supporters of president hosni mubarak square off against opponents and attacks involving fire bombs, whips, and weapons. the demonstrations today came as the u.s. renewed calls for a peaceful, democratic resolution. we will have a live report coming up in just about nine minutes. we are also on storm watch, a broader look at the major winter storm. >> some new evening pictures of the cars left behind on the highways in chicago. this storm is one of the worst in recent history in the windy city, and now the same system is causing problems on the east coast to the north. jay korff has the latest. >> snow drifts past your hips, collapsed buildings, at least 10
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storm related deaths. images of winter's colossal power continue to pile up in the wake of a storm that swallowed just about everything in its path. from fractured structures to frozen sedans, and only hours, millions of lives were impacted by a blizzard. wednesday, the windy city awoke to a scene straight out of a novel. >> frozen in time. >> the night before, hundreds of drivers were trapped on lake shore drive in chicago. emergency personnel on snow mobiles rescued it trapped motorists. >> we were stuck for nine hours. >> to trucks plucked hundreds of cars from a frozen graveyard. >> lake shore drive, 6:30 in the morning. >> the system was too much to bear for a building in
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massachusetts, where employees escaped only moments before collapse. what was not covered in snow was coated with ice. a widespread power of judges plead the midwest to the northeast -- widespread power outages played to the midwest to the northeast. >> we have a lot of snow that still has to be cleared and moved out. it will be some time before it is all gone. >> snow plow drivers are clearing feet of snow. it will likely take days for life to return to normal because of power outages and transportation tieups. more than 10,000 flights have been canceled and the last two days alone. jay korff, abc 7 news. maryland lawmakers unveiled a new plan to crack down on widespread power outages like the past year. maryland gov. martin o'malley is backing a bill to allow the state's public service commission to find utilities for
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poor performance. the money collected would be redirected to affected ratepayers. the legislation comes as pepco faces intense criticism for a series of power outages, including more than 100,000 outages last week. conditions are called here and now, but what is in store overnight? >> calm for rain, snow, freezing rain. the wind is picking up. as we were talking about, the impact here was minimal from the monster storm. look at the high temperatures today. when we broke into the sunshine, to the south, fredericksburg, dale city, into the 60's. at the same time, folks had to wait for that around the mason- dixon line. fortunately, no serious icing. look at the wind now, gusting to 20. winchester, 40 m.p.h..
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there are still wind advisories, and what it feels like outside right now, into the 20's. overnight tonight, the cold air is coming in. the detailed forecast from the belfort furniture weather center, and dramatic pictures of the superstore. back to you. a former catholic priest was charged with sexually abusing two students at a much calmer county school. the 57-year-old taught at georgetown prep in bethesda between 1989 and 2003. during that time, detectives say he inappropriately touched to students. the school is fully cooperating with investigators. a crime alert in fairfax county. that is where the police say a new serial burglar appears to be on the loose. john gonzalez explains that they have already struck at least 19 times? is that right?
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>> at least 19 times, leon, and we spoke with some of the victims. they believe these these are professional. a move quick, they know what they want, and they know what the owners will not be home. last year, more than 100 homes were hit in fairfax county. the police made an arrest in november, but days before that arrest, this brash of crimes started. kelly and her family had just come home from dinner when they noticed their door had been kicked in. >> you feel violated. they had gone through our doors, that had taken my jewelry box. >> the police have reason to believe they were hit by a second serial burglar. at least 19 homes have been targeted and county of the past three months. the corks are not taking electronics but cash and jewelry. they took $10,000 worth from this home. >> that is all they took. >> this man's home was also hit what he was out to dinner.
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detectives believe the thieves left through a back door when they heard the couple pulling up the driveway. >> others in the neighborhood have been robbed as well. it is still an invasion. >> three separate police districts are asking residents to be on high alert. many have made changes at home. >> we have a burglar alarm system. >> in several cases, the thief or thieves have hit multiple homes on the same street minutes apart. when waterside drive, at least four homes were ransacked. they're taking place between 5:00 and 7:00 in the evening, front door is bashed in. >> we have made changes with our security systems be these guys -- because these guys are sophisticated. they have cut phone lines to disable alarm systems. >> all of the crimes have occurred between 4:00 and 7:00 in the evening. the first break-in was november 13, the most recent for crimes this past saturday. buy from fairfax county, john gonzales -- live from fairfax
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county, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. coming up, we will have the highlights of the maryland-duke game. >> countdown to the verizon iphone. >> he was very intoxicated. >> charlie sheen's apparent change. >> stern warnings amid the violence in egypt, one by the white house, the other by the protesters. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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we have breaking developments. concern over the violence in college park surrounding the annual gift-maryland basketball game. these are live pictures from the university of maryland, where the school is hosting a bonfire. this is aimed at keeping students on campus and to keep them from writing.
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last year, more than two dozen people were arrested. video showed a student being beaten by police officers last year. pro-government forces in egypt fought back, and the violence shows no sign of ending. in cairo, the crisis is getting worse. >> jay korff has new reaction from the obama administration as the violence turns deadly. >> three people were killed, 600 injured in violent attacks in cairo. leaders in washington are keeping a close eye on egypt. anchor burns in full view, but this time demonstrators for hosni mubarak made their presence known. some through concrete and bottles, others race for cover as ambulances race and.
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-- race in. they're taking aim at protesters who for days now have demanded the president stepped down. those against president mubarak remain strong. >> when he said he would leave in september, is that enough? >> no, because i cannot trust him. >> the fragile situation is under the microscope tonight and the state department. >> this was an attempt to intimidate protesters who are insisting on change. a m on the streets of cairo, anti-american sentiment is alive and well. >> you want us to go? >> yes. >> why? >> you are half american. >> the u.s. has warned the
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egyptian government if there instigating the violence, they must stop immediately. at the white house is reviewing the $1.5 billion of aid that they send to egypt. jay korff, abc 7 news. tonight, the 911 calls from the morning that charlie sheen was rushed to hospital. charlie sheen was taken the hospital after complaining of severe abdominal pain. his publicist contends it was related to a hearty a problem. -- to a hernia problem. this is his third hospitalization and three months. 7 on your side with how you can get your hands on the verizon iphone. within a few hours, existing customers can pre order by phone. .
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ordering for everybody else begins february 9. verizon has confirmed a basic voice plan will cost $40. a voice and data limited text plan will be $60, and a data package will cost an extra $30. how much do we have to pay to get an extra 30 degrees? >> >> we will have to put that out for bid. >> we are looking at the bonfire, and the winter -- >> 30 ma per hour wind. i don't know if i would start a bonfire. the storm yesterday, this is a great time lapse from our weatherbug cameras at the u.s. naval observatory, naval academy. sunshine, then one shower, and look at. a rainbow. we had a little bit of everything. outside now, the current temperature in washington, after being in the 50's, back into the
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30's. at a high temperature earlier today, minneapolis, eight degrees in omaha, one below zero now. the cold air coming in over us. here is the super storm, the circulation the atmosphere, moving out to the east. that is finally moving off new england. behind that, the cold air and left over snow still in parts of new england. boston, some places, 15 inches of snow. hartford, conn., has now had 81 inches of snow. boston has had almost 6 feet of snow for the winter. around here, only 9 inches. still snow squalls in chicago, gary, indiana, and the folks in the polk no mountains, west virginia, once again getting left over snow.
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for us, the storm moves off. tomorrow, still cold wind from the northwest making it the wind chill really dive into the teens and the morning. right now, the wind chill is in the 20's. tomorrow morning, it will feel like 14 degrees in gaithersburg, 17 degrees in town, winchester 15. the wind will diminish as we get through the afternoon. nonetheless, it will be mighty cold, especially fredericksburg, compared to today. cold and blustery in the morning, no travel troubles other than watching out for any bridges where any spots that were what today, before sunrise, treated as if it was ice. some icy spots, for sure. lots of sunshine tomorrow, temperatures in the low 30's. another storm, as if we have not had enough, developing to the
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south late friday. right now i think there is about a 50/50 chance it could start out as sleet or freezing rain. overall, right now it looks like cold rain on saturday. then back to sunshine on sunday. >> bring more rainbows if you could. >> wasn't that n
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oscar winner jeff bridges sits down to talk about his nomination for best actor. "nightline" begins in 11 minutes. >> how did terps do? >> there were high hopes and a lot of excitement, duke was in town, the no. 5 team in the country. highlights coming up next.
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anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. not the way maryland fans anticipated the game, but the duke blue devils took the crowd out of it by going out 15. the talent of the no. 5 team in the nation was too much for the terrapins. duke hit six of its first 12 threes. the terrapins finished on a 10-2
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run. maryland was down by 7 at intermission. the terrapins got off to a terribly close start after intermission, making another run. jordan williams, 10 points, 12 rebounds. any time they made a run, duke had an answer. four guys in double figures, duke beats maryland, 80-62. the cavaliers played clemson. virginia out to a quick lead. farrakhan hit three of his first four beyond the arc. under two minutes to play, tight situation, a close game. farrakhan hits the big bucket. virginia upsets clemson. raleigh, north carolina, virginia tech-nc state. now, the lady came up with big pockets at crucial times. --malcolm delaney.
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he may be the player of the year and acc. the hokies go to 5-3. the city of dallas has been a deep freeze. a single digit wind chill has everybody talking more about the weather than the game itself. the team buses had to get behind a sand truck to get to the stadium. that was part of their contract with the nfl. national signing day for college football teams, and a lot of local players agreed to stop ships. dematha high school had six players. -- local players agreed to scholarships. at the maryland terps got a highly touted player from palm beach. a lot of guys changed their lives today. the most coveted recruit is from dematha, who went on national television and said he is going
11:29 pm
to auburn. he is now rethinking his choice. his brother plays and alabama. all i have to say to that is roll tide.
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look at these crazy people. >> the bonfire at the university of maryland. maryland lost the game with duke. >> they are not being out there. it is freezing. >> tomorrow morning it will be in the teens. >> they are young people. >> maryland got burned tonight.
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>> cold day tomorrow. >> thank you for being with us. have a good night. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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